Christmas Lace

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Christmas Lace
117 results
Mistletoe lace + ribbon  lace /FSL -5x7 hoop
Shining  Christmas Church 2016-5x7 hoop+free gingerbreads peoples
Christmas decoration lace- set of 10 pieces- 4x4 hoop
3D Christmas bell 3 / 4x4 hoop
Christmas lights FSL - two size - 4x4 hoop
Napkin holder lace for mylar foil-FREE napkin holder butterfly-two size)-5x7 hoop
Angels lace for Mylar foil-4x4 hoop-two sizes
Christmas ornaments decorations-4x4 hoop
Angel mini 3D lace 2017/4x4 hoop
Mini pocket angels - 4 pieces in two sizes-4x4 hoop
Poinsettia lace 3D
Coaster  Happy New Year - combination lace and felt 4x4 hoop
Christmas snow balls on glitter vinyl foil + design for combination of felt and lace / 4x4 hoop
3D Christmas tree / three sizes / Very easy! 4x4 hoop - 5x7 hoop and 6x10 hoop
Angel 3D lace 2017 / The inscription on the ribbon is in five languages-English, French, Polish, German,Russian /5x7 hoop
Felt no lace!!!Christmas decorations (8+1 free christmas ornament)
Mix big set of Christmas decorations 2016/ 4x4 hoop
Santa, reindeer two pieces and santa sleigh- 4x4 hoop
Christmas Wings ornament /4x4 hoop
Mini Poinsettia lace 3D- two sizes - 4x4 hoop
Design Christmas Comet and stars lace (comet on top of tree, comet decoration, star decoration, star on top of tree) 5x7 hoop and 6x10 hoop
Set designs- White church and a small house 2016 /5x7 hoop
Christmas bells lace / 4x4 hoop / four variants
Set 3D Christmas bells-4x4 hoop
Angel lace pearl/4x4 hoop
Big snowflakes / three sizes
Stars -combination of felt and lace / two sizes
The Holly lace-4x4 hoop-two sizes
Lace and felt combination-christmas gingerbread 2016+two design free!!!
Christmas Doily - the combination of felt and lace -FSL -5x7 hoop -(coasters are not part of design)
Lace 3D Dove or 3D Dove combination of lace and mylar foil / two sizes / 5x7 hoop and 4x4 hoop
Big set of houses 2016 ( two houses, church and school) -a combination of felt and lace-(+free church white)
Santa on a sleigh-two size-4x4 hoop and 5x7 hoop
Angel lace 3D - 2016 -FSL
Angel Christmas lace / single-color / multicolour / FSL or FSL + mylar foil
FSL Angel to hang in the window -5x7 hoop-three variations
117 results
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