Video tutorials

 Our video tutorials can be found in our FB group.


Here are links to video tutorials in our FB group:

How to make of felt and lace:

How to make cowboy hat for baby:

How to make Lighthouse 3D:

How to make 3D hat 4th July:

How to make 3D flowers ( 3D rose, Iris, Hydrangea,Daffodil ,Cherry blossom, FORGET-ME-NOT, Daisy :

How to make combination of lace and fabric:

Wine Glass shades - video instructions:

How to make bowl:

Video instructions for 3D lace designs ( 3D tree, 3D angels):

Video instruction for Halloween designs ( 3D house, hat, tombstone , small house ) :

Video instructions for Easter house

Video instructions for Christmas designs (gingerbread , 3D bells, 3D dove, how to make mylar foil) :

Video instructions for Magic and Fairies houses:

Video instructions for Baby Bonnet ( lace and organza):

Video instructions for lace lantern:

Video instructions for lace umbrella:

Video instruction for Baskets:

Video instruction for Gingrebread houses and Church 

Video instruction for organza designs ( barofeet sandals, gloves, decoration on glasses, decoration on the shirt

Video instruction for Baby Booties:




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