3D Lighthouse / three sizes


This is a machine embroidery design not a patch. You need to transfer the files to your embroidery machine to use it.

Here you will find a video tutorial -


The designs should be embroidered with water soluble stabilizer.We use Vilene water soluble stabilizer-If it’s too thin use two layers. Use a size 11 or 75/11 sharp sewing needle and 40 weight rayon or polyester thread.
I use a reinforced - Hard felt 1 mm and a weight of 190gr./m2 I recommend using a felt of 1 to 1.2 mm (0.0394 inch or 0.0472 inch),red,white,grey,green colors. Always use felt slightly larger than the design size.
Scissors,Glue gun,1 piece pearl, thread and needle and LED candle or Micro LED string lights

Large house -I used hoop 8x12  - please let the appropriate size hoop according to those dimensions of individual parts.
Size parts large house :
Part 1: 7.14x6.80 inches/28435 stitches
Bottom: 6.97x7.99 inches/21444 stitches
Center 1: 2.97x2.95 inches/4784 stitches
Center 2: 1.81x1.80 inches/2492 stitches
Center 3: 1.57x1.56 inches/2140 stitches
Part 2: 2.44x9.55 inches/21109 stitches
Part 3: 2.84x1.04 inches/3378 stitches
Part 4: 3.34x1.04 inches/2008 stitches
Roof: 1.52x1.50 inches/1982 stitches

Complete size house:
Height:7 inches

Middle house -6x10 hoop- please let the appropriate size hoop according to those dimensions of individual parts.
Size parts middle house :
Part 1: 5.90x6.28 inches/22596 stitches
Bottom: 5.27x6.91 inches/17732 stitches
Center 1: 2.65x2.63 inches/3931 stitches
Center 2: 1.62x1.60 inches/2077 stitches
Center 3: 1.40x1.39 inches/1774 stitches
Part 2: 2.06x8.03inches/17278 stitches
Part 3: 2.41x0.90 inches/2505 stitches
Part 4: 2.82x0.90 inches/1635 stitches
Roof: 1.29x1.26 inches/1522 stitches

Complete size house:
Height: 5.11 inches

Small house -5x7 hoopplease let the appropriate size hoop according to those dimensions of individual parts.
Size parts small house :
Part 1: 4.85x5.14 inches/17089 stitches
Bottom: 4.39x5.82 inches/15104 stitches
Center 1: 2.05x2.06 inches/3183stitches
Center 2: 1.26x1.26 inches/1673 stitches
Center 3: 1.09x1.09 inches/1436 stitches
Part 2: 3.97x6.12 inches/13859 stitches
Part 3: 1.99x0.77 inches/1930 stitches
Part 4: 2.33x0.78 inches/1312 stitches
Roof: 1.07x1.04 inches/1158 stitches

Complete size house:
Height: 5.11 inches


Resizing or editing of the designs is not recommended and we can not guarantee the quality of the designs if you alter them in any way.

LICENSE - Design copyright © Embroidery by TM Designs

Embroidery by TM Designs, design files and graphics are copyrighted. You are purchasing a license to use the design files, ownership of which remains with Embroidery by TM. You are permitted to make one backup copy for your personal use only. The design files and instructions may not be altered, loaned, resold, or shared in any form. You must not use any part of the embroidery in another program. Copying design is copyright infringement even if you purchase the designs .

Thank you              

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