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Wedding embroidery designs/6 variations and different size hoops ( Of course, the design doesn't contain names.)


Difficulty: Beginner

This is a machine embroidery design not a patch. You need to transfer the files to your embroidery machine to use it.

By purchasing this design I declare that I have read the copyright testament / Embroidery By TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

In the photo gallery you can see different design options.! Of course, the design doesn't contain names.

Size hoop and stitches : -rings: 4x4 hoop : 3.33x2.51 inches/ 5129 stitches -all formats -rings: 4x4 hoop : 3.33x2.51 inches/ 5015 stitches -all formats 5x7 hoop: 2.91x5.63 inches/ 4532 stitches  -all formats 5x7 hoop: 5.27x4.97 inches/ 8025 stitches -all formats 4x4 hoop: 3.82x3.81 inches/ 2691 stitches -all formats
6x10 hoop: 8.47x6 inches/ 8983 stitches -all formats
7x12 hoop: 9.87x7 inches/ 10371 stitches
(7x12 hoop for JEF - 8.88x6.30 inches/ 10404 stitches)
8x12 hoop: 10.84x7.69 inches/ 11402 stitches - NO JEF formát for this size hoop.


Resizing or editing of the designs is not recommended and we can not guarantee the quality of the designs if you alter them in any way.

LICENSE - Design copyright © Embroidery by TM Designs

Thank you

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