Photos from our customers

If you would like a photo of your product for which you have used our design to appear on this page, please write to my email address: and attach the photo and name. We will select a few pictures every month and publish them on our website.

 Owl FSL from Darklis

3D tree from Phyllis

Winter doll from Suzy

Wings with roses from Karen - Marie

Butterfly rose from Denise

3D rose from Michelle 

Dream catcher, owl, wings, santa and kite from Anne

Wine glass shades with Daffodil from Janet


Embroidery By TM


Embroidery By TM

Thank you very much Denise :)

Embroidery By TM

Beautiful photos from customers, love this idea. Thank you for doing this Teresa. I’d like to say great job everyone on your fsl projects!! :) Have a wonderful day.

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