Christmas Lace

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Christmas Lace
151 results
Angel small No.2 / 4x4 hoop
Pregnant Angel FSL / 5x7 hoop
Angel small No.1/ 4x4 hoop
Cupid angel FSL/ two sizes
Santa's Magic Key FSL/ two sizes
Lace snowflake /three sizes
Wings with roses FSL/ two sizes / with loop and without loop
Christmas heart / two variations / 4x4 hoop
Mini snowflakes / 10 pieces
Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus / three sizes
Mrs. Santa Claus FSL / three sizes
FSL Santa / three sizes
Christmas heart Red truck / two sizes /combination felt and lace
Christmas key snowman No.3
Christmas key snowman No.2
Christmas key snowman No.1
Set christmas designs / 5x7 hoop
Christmas ball/ 5x7 hoop
Christmas cone/ 5x7 hoop
Christmas heart / 5x7 hoop
Jam jar covers or coaster - Snowflakes/ 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Poinsettia/ 4 sizes
3D bell awareness symbol / three sizes
3D bell vintage / 5x7 hoop
3D bell with poinsettia / two sizes / 6x10 and 5x7 hoop
3D bell with pinecone/ 5x7 hoop
Christmas decorations/ two variations - FSL and combination felt and lace/4x4 hoop
Red truck christmas FSL ( free standing lace ) / two sizes
Christmas tree skirt / three sizes / combination felt and lace
Mr. Snowman and Mrs. Snowman FSL /three sizes
Mrs. Snowman FSL / three sizes
Gnome christmas 3/ FSL / two sizes
Gnome christmas 2/ FSL / two sizes
Gnome christmas 1/ FSL / two sizes
Elf booties FSL- decorations/ 5x7 hoop/ three variations
Mr. Snowman FSL / three sizes
151 results
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