Copyright testament

Copyright testament

Embroidery By TM designs files and graphics are copyrighted.
You are purchasing a license to use the design files, the purchase permits you to make one backup copy for you personal use only.The design files and instructions may not be altered, loaned, resold, or shared in any form.

-It is not allowed to use our photographs in any way without our consent.
All our photographs and instructions are watermarked.

-You can not use any part of the embroidery combination with a design that you did not purchase from us.

-Copying design is copyright infringement even if you do not purchase the design. 

 Embroidery By TM Licensing Policy
You can sell all the embroidered items that you make with the purchased design.
When using the design for crafts other than embroidery, you are welcome
to make items for personal use and gifts for family and friends.

-No sales of our embroidery designs, please!

-Any violation of this license agreement may lead to legal action.

-Our designs can be sold or donated as finished product, but designer must always be on the label. For example, if you sell children’s shoes, on the Internet it is necessary to clearly state our company name in the description as the creators of the designs.The label or the description is to clearly include the following: Design By Embroidery By TM“
It is also necessary to designate the designer on the product label.

Embroidery By TM designs are not allowed for serial large scale production.
If the designs are to be used in large commercial embroidering. additional permits from us are required.

-No modification of the design is allowed.

When purchasing designs from Embroidery By TM, you agree to the above conditions.

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Thank you very much for you purchase