Designs for Baby

In this section you will find our lacy booties, baby bonnet, bibs and baby hat.
These lace booties are our original designs.
Always measure baby's foot for the right size of the shoe.
These designs are not for walking kids.
These lace booties can be a beautiful gift.
All design descriptions include size, number of stitches, and format.
Have fun with our lace designs.
If the design contains video tutorials - you can find videos in our FB group -

By purchasing this designs I declare that I have read the copyright testament / Embroidery By TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

If you have a problem, please contact us on our email:
Thank you

Designs for Baby
74 results
Baby booties sneakers with bear No.54/ two sizes
Baby booties - sneakers with heart No. 53 / two sizes
Large set Baby designs vintage
Baby booties vintage No.55
Baby bonnet vintage No.55
Baby booties No.52/ three sizes
BABY BONNET No.50 / two sizes
Cowboy hat for baby/two sizes / combination felt and lace
COWBOYS  BOOTIES NO.51/ two sizes - combination felt and lace
Set baby booties and baby bib No.50
Baby Bib - combination lace and fabric / four sizes / for JEF - three sizes
Baby booties lace No.50/ 5x7 hoop
Boy booties vintage No.48 / two sizes
Baby booties - delicate lace No.47 / 4x4 hoop
Sneakers for baby No.33/ two sizes
Booties for baby + bag - combinations of fabric, organza and lace/ No.45
Baby booties Boy and Girl No.44/5x7 hoop-a combination of fabric and lace
Embroidery design on fabric - Christening embroidery design
Baby Bonnet Christening design / 5x7 hoop
Baby booties to the day of independence No.1-4x4 hoop
Baby boy Loafer booties No.16-5x7 hoop
Baby booties with anchor No.4 -4x4 hoop
Baby booties strawberry No.35/ 5x7 hoop
Baby botties multicolor No.11- 5x7 hoop
Baby booties lace No.24 / 5x7 hoop
Baby Bonnet on organza / 5x7 hoop
Baby bootie navy No.18/4x4 hoop
Baby booties lace Pink No.6/ 5x7 hoop
Baby  booties lace blue No.8/ 5x7 hoop
Baby booties lace ribbon No.3/ 5x7 hoop
Sneakers for baby pink and blue No.31-4x4 hoop
Baby booties lace pink color No.39/ 4x4 hoop
Cowboys baby booties No.12/ 5x7 hoop
Baby booties flowers No.25 / in the hoop 4x4
74 results
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