Coaster FSL

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Coaster FSL
50 results
Clock Face Coaster/ two sizes
Coasters with Pansies / two sizes
Coaster with rabbit/two sizes
Dogs paw coaster - Two sizes - Two variations / felt  with lace or only FSL
Coaster with Rose/4x4 hoop
Coaster FSL / two sizes ( battenburg lace)
COASTER WITH Poppies/TWO SIZES/two variations
Cloverleaf coaster / two sizes / 4x4 hoop and 5x7 hoop
Mini bowl and coaster FSL / 6x10 and 5x7 hoop
Coaster with snowflake / FSL/ two sizes
Coasters with strawberries 1 / two sizes
Large  set embroidery on organza/ Cutlery holder - two sizes / napkin holder/  Coasters- two sizes / pocket
Coaster with Lavender or Lavande text/combination felt and lace - original design from Embroidery By TM / two sizes - two texts
Coasters with strawberries 2 / two sizes / combination felt and lace
Bowl with rabbit / two sizes
Lace coaster christmas ( combination felt and lace) - two variations
Coasters with Ribbon / two sizes
Coaster with paw / two sizes/ 5x7 and 4x4 hoop
Coasters with Eiffel Tower / 4x4 hoop
Coaster with unicorn / 4x4 hoop
Coaster cupcake FSL/ two sizes
BOWL WITH paw + coaster two sizes
Bowl with a dove and coaster / 4x4 hoop
Easter coasters / 4x4 hoop/ machine embroidery design - combination felt and lace
Coasters with deer FSL
Coaster with hearts / two sizes
Coaster bear / 4x4 hoop
Coaster leaves / two sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Apricot / 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Blueberry / 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Currant / 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Lemon / 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Raspberry / 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Pumpkin/ 4 sizes
Jam jar covers or coaster - Strawberries/ 4 sizes
Coasters  with pinecone / two sizes
50 results
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