Other conditions Embroidery By TM and FAQ

1 ) Account creation and approval
1.1 By registering in this store, I declare that I have read the copyright / embroidery by TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

1.2 When registering, it is necessary to fill in all fields in the form truthfully, including the full address. We do not accept PO box addresses.
To buy at our store, you must have an account - which we must approve. If an account is not created - it is not possible to buy our designs.
If your account is approved, you will receive an email with information about the approved account no later than 10 hours after registration. This email will also sometimes be saved in your spam folder.
If the information in the registration is untrue - the account will not be approved. As a website owner and copyright owner, we reserve the right not to approve an account without giving a reason.

1.3 I am online from 11.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. from Monday to Friday and on weekends individually / Los Angeles time zone.
Unfortunately, if you contact us or request an account outside this time, I can't approve your account because I live in a different time zone.
Please be patient as soon as I am online I will pay attention to your request or email.

1.4  If you have already purchased in our store, you do not have to create an account - your data is already in the system. If you're having trouble signing in to your account - you've requested a password reset, but your password reset email isn't coming to your email - you'll need to contact us.email: info@embroiderybytm.store
Also check your spam email. 

1.5 We reserve the right to refuse a service or order, create an account, cancel an account, or modify an account. Account closure occurs when false account information is detected or unethical and rude behavior on the part of the customer against the seller or without giving reasons.
We are people and we deal with each other with respect.
In no case will we respect insults against nationality, country or culture of other countries.
We reserve the right to refuse to create or close your account if you are a member of illegal design sharing groups on FB or elsewhere on the Internet !

2. How to download the purchased design:
2.1 What happens after the purchase - payment:
You can download designs directly on the checkout page or from the email you receive to the email listed in the order.
email No.1: Purchase confirmation
email no. 2: Invoice for your order
email no. 3: Download links
Designs cannot be downloaded from your account (only the first download can take place on the checkout page) - your account is not used to download designs. Your account is for purchase only.

2.2 If you do not receive a  email with links- please set your email box according to the Shopify instructions:
"Customers who use free mailbox providers that have strict rules surrounding what emails are able to get through to their inboxes. The technical support team suggest for the customers that are seeing this happen consistently, is that they white list mailers for Shopify by adding smtp@shopify.com and mailer@shopify.com to their mailbox whitelist so they don't run into any issues. Because this delivery email gets sent from delivery@shopify.com we can't do anything to accommodate more than we're already setup to, but some mailboxes will simply just refuse emails from us, and short of whitelisting, there isn't much else we're able to offer."
Or contact us by e-mail: info@embroiderybytm.store
Please make sure your order contains the correct email.
If you enter an incorrect email in the order, you will not be sent design to your email.

2.3 We do not send designs to CD or USB!

3. What formats do we create for you?
3.1 We create designs in the following formats:
DST, EXP, HUS, VIP, VP3, JEF, SHV, CSD, XXX, PES, EMB - In the description of each design you can find the formats.
Not all designs can be converted to those formats - therefore, carefully read the description of the design you want to purchase. We do not create ART format!

4. Payment
4.1 In our shop you will pay via PayPal and payment by credit card via PayPal.
Payment can be by credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. You do not need a PayPal account to be able to use a credit card for payment. There is an option to pay via credit card when you see the first PayPal login screen. If using a credit card linked to a PayPal account, you will need to set this option in your Pay Pal settings prior to payment.
If you want to pay by credit card through Paypal, you have to have cookies turned on.
Without a proper cookie setting, card payment will not be accepted. PLEASE note that Paypal eCHECK PAYMENTS are not instant payments! This method of payment requires a clearance period, and download links will not be released until the payment has cleared.

5. Can I resize the design?
5.1 I do not recommend in any way! The size of the design can only be changed by the designer.
If you change the size of the design, it is possible that the design will no longer be of its quality.
If you need a size other than the description, you must contact us before purchasing.

6. Where can I write my question?
6.1 Here : email – info@embroiderybytm.store or contact form on the website (found at the bottom of the page)

7. How are your designs delivered?
7.1 All of our designs are supplied in a ZIP file and this ZIP file always contains all the formats that are listed in the description of the design, color chart, and if necessary assembly instructions and License.

8.How to unzip the ZIP file?
8.1 To extract ZIP files, use the appropriate program to extract ZIP files.

9. Coupon codes
9.1 Coupon codes are always sent via the newsletter if the customer is subscribed to the newsletter. The terms of the coupon code are always stated in the newsletter.

10. Newsletter
10.1 The first time you create an account, you can sign up for the newsletter.

10.2 If you already have an account and want to subscribe to the newsletter, contact us by email: info@embroiderybytm.store

11. Contact us
email 1: info@embroiderybytm.store
email 2: embroiderybytmstore@gmail.com

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