Tips how to embroider lace

Used with water soluble stabilizer - WSS
We use the vilene water soluble stabilizer - If the thinner stabizer - two layers
Use a size 11 or 75/11 sharp sewing needle and use 40wt rayon or polyester thread.
Use the same color of the top and bottom threads.

Hoop a layer or two of water soluble stabilizer. My preference for FSL is Vilene.

Use the smallest frame for your design. If you use two layers of stabilizer, both layers must be straight and once you tap the stabilizer, it must sound like drumming.

I always recommend reducing the speed of the embroidery machine.

And now we can embroider.

Once complete, remove from hoop and trim away the stabilizer from the embroidery.

Rinse the lace under warm water to remove the remainder of the stabilizer. If you want the lace to be on the stiff side, don’t wash all the stabilizer out. Put the lace down and make a fist. If your hand feels tacky when you open your fist, rinse some more.For designs such as baby booties and baby bonnet, I recommend inserting parts into the fabric softener after removing the stabilizer. The lace will be beautifully soft.

After removing the stabilizer, insert the lace between the two layers of the towel to expel most moisture and to dry.

 and press.