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In this section you will find our FSL dolls.
If you have a problem, please contact us on our email: info@embroiderybytm.store
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20 results
Wedding dolls / two sizes
Mermaid No.4/ two sizes
Mermaid No.3/two sizes
Mermaid No.2 / two sizes
Mermaid No.1 / two sizes
Mermaids - large set
Sunflower doll / two sizes
Elf doll FSL / two sizes
Winter doll FSL / three sizes
Holly doll FSL / two sizes
Halloween doll/4x4 hoop
Poinsettia doll / two sizes
Wings organza / 4x4 hoop / four sizes
Wings 3 / 4x4 hoop
Wings 2 / 4x4 hoop
WINGs 1 / 4x4 hoop
Daisy doll FSL/ two sizes
Campanula doll FSL/ two sizes
Poppy doll FSL/ three sizes
Forest doll / two sizes
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