FSL jewelry

I love lace jewelry. All design descriptions include size, number of stitches, and format. Do not forget to buy metal components for jewelry - you can buy anywhere on the internet.

By purchasing this designs I declare that I have read the copyright testament / Embroidery By TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

If you have a problem, please contact us on our email:info@embroiderybytm.store
Thank you

FSL jewelry
66 results
Leaves colors earrings FSL/
Leave green earrings FSL
Flower 4 earrings FSL
Pansy jewelry FSL
Lilac jewelry FSL
Flowers earrings FSL
Sunflower earrings FSL
Christmas earrings FSL - Snowman / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Tree / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Star / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Snowflakes / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Lights / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Hoho / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Gingerbread / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings FSL - Hats / 4x4 hoop
Christmas earrings  FSL - Candy / 4x4 hoop
Swan brooch FSL
Jewelry paw FSL
Ghotic necklace and earrings FSL
FSL pendant - Love Mom or Mum
Wings earrings / three variations / design on organza / with loop and without loop
Sloth jewelry FSL
Shamrock brooche / St. Patrick's Day/ 4x4 hoop/ two sizes
Flowers jewelry FSL/ 12 variations
Jewelery skull / 4x4 hoop
Dream catcher earrings/ 4X4 HOOP / two sizes
Summer earrings + free earrings smiles / 4X4 HOOP / twelve pieces
Fleur-de-lis FSL / decorations, jewelry - The file contains 8 designs
Barefoot sandal Flower and Bracelet flower / 5x7 hoop
Bracelet flower / 5x7 hoop
Set jewelry Flowers/ Necklace, earrings and bracelet
FSL earrings Flowers 1
Lace bracelet flowers 1/ two sizes
Brooch leaves/4x4 hoop
Brooch butterfly/4x4 hoop
66 results
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