3D houses

In this section you will find our magic houses. All design descriptions include size, number of stitches and formats. In the design contains video tutorials - you can find videos in my FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/embroiderytmdesign/

If you have a problem, contact me at my email: info@embroiderybytm.store
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3D houses
16 results
Butterfly house/ two sizes
Magical winter chapel / two sizes /a combination of felt and lace
3D Lighthouse / three sizes
Houses for fairies/ Two sizes
Magic Autumn House / two sizes / 6x10 hoop, 7x12 hoop and 4x4 hoop
Easter House - Eggs/ Two sizes/ 5x7 and 4x4 hoop
Magic fairy house/4x4 hoop+ 3D tree and decorations
Halloween shining houses / combination felt and lace / three sizes
Gingerbread color house / two sizes
Gingerbread House large 2016- a combination of felt and lace. Free design- gingerbread figures-5 pieces!
Large  set of houses 2016 ( two houses, church and school) -a combination of felt and lace-(+free church white)
Set designs- White church and a small house 2016 /5x7 hoop
Small gingerbread house 2016/4x4 hoop/+gingerbread figures-5pieces
School gingerbread /5x7 hoop
Shining  Christmas Church 2016-5x7 hoop+free gingerbreads peoples
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