Jewelry and Barefoot sandals FSL

In this collection you will find FSL jewelry and FSL barefoot sandals.

All design descriptions include size, number of stitches, and format. Do not forget to buy metal components for jewelry - you can buy anywhere on the internet.

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54 results
Jewelery skull / 4x4 hoop
Dream catcher earrings/ 4X4 HOOP / two sizes
Flowers jewelry FSL/ 12 variants
Lace earrings ornaments / 4x4 hoop / 9 variants
Lace neck collar/ two variants/5x7 hoop
Wings earrings / three variants / design on organza / with loop and without loop
Christmas jewelry FSL / 4x4 hoop / nine earrings variants
Bracelet or bookmark? three sizes/ two variant
Halloween jewelry / 4x4 hoop / Seven earrings variants
Earrings leaves lace-4x4 hoop
FSL jewelry Daisy (two bracelets, pendant, choker, two pairs of earrings)
Earrings leaves lace small ( two size)-4x4 hoop
Set jewelry Flowers/ Necklace, earrings and bracelet
Choker necklace lace - 5x7 hoop - two variants
Summer earrings + free earrings smiles / 4X4 HOOP / twelve pieces
Earrings,pendant and components for bracelet lace snowflake-4x4 hoop
Jewelry - Valentine heart /4x4 hoop /Earrings and components for bracelet or necklace
Feathers pendant-4x4 hoop
Fleur-de-lis FSL / decorations, jewelry - The file contains 8 designs
Rosary lace -FSL - 4 sizes (for JEF - three sizes)
Sloth jewelry FSL
FSL earrings Flowers 1
Earrings,pendant and components for bracelet lace flowers-4x4 hoop
Lace Necklace Flowers1 / 5x7 hoop/Universal size
Zodiac pendant lace-4x4 hoop-All signs of the zodiac
Barefoot sandals lace butterfly-FSL-4x4 hoop
Mini leaves lace-4x4 hoop
Jewelry on St. Patrick's Day / 4x4 hoop / Three variants of earrings and components for bracelet or necklace
Earrings,pendant and components for bracelet lace spider-4x4 hoop
Shamrock brooche / St. Patrick's Day/ 4x4 hoop/ two sizes
Lace bracelet flowers 1/ two sizes
Pendant and earrings bow-4x4 hoop
Barefoot sandal Flower and Bracelet flower / 5x7 hoop
Lace bracelet-FSL-5x7 hoop
54 results
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