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Special sale
68 results
Jewelery skull / 4x4 hoop
Halloween doll/4x4 hoop
Lace neck collar/ two variants/5x7 hoop
Halloween jewelry / 4x4 hoop / Seven earrings variants
Choker necklace lace - 5x7 hoop - two variants
Spider web lights / 4x4 hoop
Halloween shining houses -combination felt and lace / three sizes
Rosary lace -FSL - 4 sizes (for JEF - three sizes)
Lace mask with feathers / Three sizes
Ghotic necklace and earrings FSL
Princess crown in the  hoop 4x4
Halloween lantern / two sizes
Ceremonial Gloves with flowers - embroidery on organza / two sizes/machine embroidery design
Set lace mask (two sizes) and crown (Two variants hoops)
FSL earrings Flowers 1
Lace ears Black / 4x4 hoop
Earrings,pendant and components for bracelet lace spider-4x4 hoop
Magic Wand - Star/ combination felt and lace / 4x4 hoop/two sizes
Skull FSL/ two sizes
Witch lace/5x7 hoop
Pumpkins FSL ( 4x4 hoop)  and Pumpkins cutwork ( 5x7 hoop)
Lace ears /5 variants
FSL pumpkin / 4x4 hoop
Spider lace/two sizes
Sugar skulls lace 1/4x4 hoop-two variant color
Lace and felt Tombstone/4x4 hoop
Cute ghosts lace / Four variants of ghost / 4x4 hoop
Lace bracelet flowers 1/ two sizes
Witch hat lace-4x4 hoop
Bat-Free standing lace-two size
Gloves with spider and without a spider / four sizes / design on organza
Lace mask leaves- two size
Wine glass shades with spider / 5x7 hoop + coasters
Candle corset Pumpkin / 5x7 hoop
Halloween set  (ghost-three sizes/Bat in two sizes/spider two sizes)-FSL-4x4 hoop
68 results
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