Designs on organza

Here are our original designs for the organza.
We always use WSS - water soluble stabilizer for embroidery.
Embroidering on the organza is very easy.
All design descriptions include size, number of stitches, and format.
If the design contains video tutorials - you can find videos in our FB group -

By purchasing this designs I declare that I have read the copyright testament / Embroidery By TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

If you have a problem, please contact us on our email:
Thank you

Designs on organza
17 results
Wine glass decorations / 4x4 hoop / design of organza
Hearts on soaps or dried flowers/two variations - embroidery on organza or lace/ 4x4 hoop/
Heart decoration for Christmas or Valentine's day / four sizes
Headdress on the organza / Three sizes - for JEF two sizes
Organza bag with Dove for sundries, candy or gifts/ machine embroidery design on organza/5x7 hoop
Organza bag for Soap or dried flowers / two sizes
Organza Embroidery - Design pearl / 9 design variations/FSL on organza
Organza Embroidery - Design flowers/8 design variations/FSL on organza
Big set - Design rose /5 variations of designs/Embroidery on organza/Caution - JEF format of different sizes and dimensions.
Gloves with spider and without a spider / four sizes / design on organza
Mandala unicorn / two sizes
Organza bag with cross for sundries, candy or gifts/ machine embroidery design on organza/5x7 hoop
Flower of Life Mandala-the lace on organza/tulle- two size
ITH hoop design for t-shirt, pillow, etc. Two variations of design! - ITH design and decorative design on the organza/Four sizes
Lavender bag / embroidery on organza/ 3 variations
Top skirt from organza / five sizes
Organza embroidery / Design Tree and leaves
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