Lights FSL and organza

In this section you will find our lights.
All design descriptions include size, number of stitches, and format.
You can decorate a Christmas tree, branches or use it as a wedding decoration, birthday and etc.

By purchasing this designs I declare that I have read the copyright testament / Embroidery By TM - it is available at the bottom of each page.
And I declare that I will not illegally manipulate these designs.

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Lights FSL and organza
14 results
Christmas Lights - snowflakes / 4x4 hoop
Poinsettia Lights
Sun Lights - Purchase of Sun Lights include free decoration Sun
Moon Lights  - Purchase of Moon Lights includes free decoration Moon
Waterlily (FSL-lace) under candle/ two variations
4th of July lights/ 4x4 hoop
Unicorn lights / 4X4 HOOP
Hearts LIGHTS + hearts decoration -  / 4X4 HOOP/lights for a Valentine's Day or for a Wedding
Gingerbread Lights - / 4x4 hoop
Christmas Lights - Holly / 4x4 hoop
Poppies Lights / 4x4 hoop ( design on organza)
Sunflowers Lights - / 4x4 hoop
Colorful snowman lace - Christmas ornaments or lights / three sizes snowman decoration + 1 size snowman lights/ 4x4 hoop
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