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FSL Baby designs/4x4 hop
Wine glass decorations / 4x4 hoop / design of organza
Dress and hat - lace application / two sizes
Big set -Lace trim daisies, corner lace daises-FSL / multi variants / Different lengths / Two color variants / Flowers daises - two colors/
Lace Treble clef and music notes / 5x7 hoop
Shells FSL / with loop and without loops / 4x4 hoop
Decoration with a touch of Provence - Lavender/ Eggs, heart and oval/ FSL/ 4x4 hoop/ 7 pieces
Lace Element Black
Welcome FSL / two sizes
Mushrooms from lace / 4x4 hoop
Girls and boys lace ornament-applique-5 variants of clothing-4x4 hoop
Lace decoration on the beach shoes-4x4 hoop
FSL -Red hat society-4x4 hoop
Flower of Life Mandala-the lace on organza/tulle- two size
Star sheriffs-4x4 hoop
Lace accent
Lace accent
Lace Element White
Oval decoration with Eiffel Tower -FSL / 5x7 hoop/ machine embroidery design
Lace application with the 3D Ribbon-  4 x 4 hoop
Apple and Pear lace/4x4 hoop
FSL Kite on organza / one color
Lace suit for wine - 5x7 hoop
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